yer cute (nobodysperfcet) wrote in nqc_battle,
yer cute


With my back against the wall, crack is back yall. I'm gonna sit and make that important phone call. How you aint gonna fuck? Bitch I'm me! I'm the god damn reason you aint V.I.P!! C.E.O., you dont have to see I.D.!! I'm gonna tell you one thing, don't fuck with me. So, don't you tell me to smile... if you stick around i'll make it worth your while, like numbers beyond what you can dial. Maybe because I'm so versitile. Stalker Style! Make me wonna go wild. I'm going crazy I hear a little child. I know my rhymes are wack. Don't laugh, don't crack. I got money sittin on a rack and its all in one stack. Get off my track, and stop that wakitty wack. I wont cut you any slack, you know that's a fact.
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